Day Pass Program

The RMHCNA Day Pass Program allows families who aren’t currently staying at the House access to RMHCNA amenities and programs.

This program helps families who are unable to stay at the House because they reside in Edmonton, are staying at a hotel and on the RMHCNA waiting list, or are ineligible to stay at RMHCNA. Read More


Guest Post: Barb Krahn | April 25, 2016

The Re-Gift Card Program was an idea born of frustration. Most of us carry around partially used or unused gift cards in our wallets… Read More

Firegirls Champion Meals that Mend: Frozen Edition | April 22, 2016

Sponsored by the Edmonton Firefighters Union Local 209 and championed by the Firegirls Baking, Meals that Mend: Frozen Edition… Read More


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