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RMHCNA has been home to over 20,000 families since opening on August 15, 1985. In 2015, RMHCNA provided 10,977 nights of comfort to families when they needed it the most.

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Four days after their son was born, Jessy and Kyle Walsh named him Aiden, which means little fire in Gaelic. The doctors told the parents that little Aiden had a 50% chance of survival – a number no parent wants to hear. Believing in their son’s strength they fought for Aiden from day one and continue to do so as this little fire works hard to gain the strength to one day leave the hospital in the arms of mom and dad. Read More

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RMHCNA is a place of comfort and compassion for all families with ill and injured children. The House relies on donations to serve our mission of keeping families close. Consider making your donation a monthly gift that will be a consistent and reliable source of support for the House.

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Meet Kyler

“There’s so much to do. I just don’t know where to start.”

Kyler has stayed at RMHCNA for 225 days. His energy rings through our halls every time he comes to stay. Watch Kyler’s video to see what he loves about the House.



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