The Rejuvenate Program is such a huge blessing to families living in the Ronald McDonald HouseĀ®. Parents spend so much time at the hospital taking care of their children that they rarely have time for themselves. This program gives parents the opportunity to sign up for an hour of pampering or exercise, to clear their heads and de-stress.

My favourite self-care opportunity is yoga. I always feel like a brand new, more relaxed and happy person when the class is over. I love that the instructor takes a few extra minutes before class starts to find out what the parents are needing, whether it’s extra meditation. stretching or working up a sweat, and incorporating that into their practice. Not only do I feel like a weight is lifted from my shoulders, but I sleep so much better too.

The first yoga class with the Rejuvenate Program.

I have noticed all of the volunteers for the Rejuvenate Program go above and beyond to make sure that the parents are happy and well taken care of. An example of this is when Pam from Dandy Salon Spa stayed late to help me learn a new way to style my hair. To some, it might not seem like a big thing, but to me it meant the world. I walked in to get my hair cut feeling like a mombie, a mom zombie, and left feeling so pretty. My heart was full of gratefulness that she had taken the extra time out of her night to show me a new technique.

-Amanda Baryluk, mother to House Heroes Aubrey and Brenna