Often times our families receive a needed night out thanks to community members donating tickets to Edmonton events, and the most popular are definitely Oilers games. This week House Hero Jordan and his dad Scott headed to the Oilers vs. Sabres game thanks to a generous donor. The two donned their matching RMHCNA Shuttle Hero shirts and headed downtown for a night of fun!

Scott and Jordan at the game

While O Canada played throughout the arena, Scott held his son close and sang at the top of his lungs. He is thankful and proud to be in a country where his son’s medical needs are cared for. There are many different worries that come along with having a sick child, especially when you have to leave your home to receive care in a new city. But one thing that Scott doesn’t worry about is the level of care that his son receives in Canada.

“Being Canadian never used to mean much to me. But now I know that as a nation we carry the load for one another. Being Canadian means more than freedom. It means more than peace. It means that my son is alive,” said Scott.

That gratitude echoes throughout the entire Cartwright family, including Jordan. During the game a referee tossed a puck over the board for Jordan to keep, an incredible gesture that most hockey fans dream of. Instead of bringing his new treasure back to show his friends at the Ronald McDonald House, Jordan gave the puck to a little girl celebrating her birthday.

“I was getting Jordan a snack while this happened. I got back to my seat and everyone around was saying they couldn’t believe what my son had done! My seven-year-old son is a better man that I could ever be,” said Scott.

These moments of kindness come together and show what Edmonton, and Canada, is all about. We are thankful to be in a country where our House Heroes and their families can feel supported and cared for.