This was a busy week at the House with Project Kindness in full swing! We were lucky to have been able to book a meal during this week…total fluke on our part.  The menu for our dinner was a couple of different chilies (turkey and beef) , rice, corn bread and a citrus bean salad that was just a little bit more than awesome! Thank you Pinterest! Dessert was apple crisp with ice cream, chocolate cake and mini chocolate conecakes. Thanks to our good friend and House Hero Kyler for the help with those.  Good old comfort food to chase away those cold winter chills.


Sharing a dinner at the House is always an uplifting experience and it is pretty sweet to be able to do so with our friends and co-workers from Edmonton Fire Rescue Services (Dispatch, Fire Suppression and Fire Prevention) and the Canadian Armed Forces. Not to mention our good friend Sparky! He was a hit, well mostly. To be honest, 50% of the kids were ecstatic and 50% were terrified, certainly not the worst ratio Sparky’s had. Go Sparky go! Not only did we get to reconnect with some of our old baking buddies whom we hadn’t seen in a while, but we also made some new super cool friends as well. There was lots of noise, laughter, gratitude, kindness and fun with only a few tears. At the heart of it, that’s really what Home for Dinner is all about…connecting while sharing a meal.