On Sunday April 13th we experienced something that does not happen very often at the House… a Home for Dinner perfect score.


In the morning, a team of 20 young hockey players and their coaches prepared a pancake breakfast at RMHNA. The Edmonton North team had just won the game that will see them compete in the 2014 ATB Alberta Cup, and they chose to celebrate their victory by giving back.


Peter and Cecile Brodeur arrived with their family. A beautiful lunch was planned and prepared by the Brodeur family, complete with gourmet sliders, a selection of salads and fruit kebabs. They even supplied spring décor for the kitchen.


Debbie Sloboda, who volunteers two to three times per month, prepared freshly baked goodies for House families. Her smile and laughter were a fabulous addition to the day, and she even stayed after baking to assist the Home for Dinner group with their supper preparations!


Karrie Daly and friends arrived to prepare a yummy ham dinner for House families. Karrie met the House in July 2011. In addition to being of service to RMHNA’s Home for Dinner program through the Local4Local4Local organization twice per year, she also leads a group of friends who come and make a monthly dinner at the House. The House was buzzing with excitement all day long as we welcomed new and old friends to the House.