When we went to Fort Edmonton Park. It was very hot so we all put on sunscreen. First we all went in the gift shop. Kayden got a giant pixie stick, a kazoo and a mood ring. Next we went on the train that travels through time. Once we got off the train we looked at old buildings. Then we went to ride ponies. I went on the biggest one! It was hard to get on. After we looked at pigs, they were digging. Then we had ice cream. We brought a bag of popcorn for later. Next we went to see a movie in 4D about Edmonton. There was no food or drinks but it was a good movie. Snow came from the roof. Finally we went to the rides and games! I was excited, but the last one had just closed. It was nice that the people that did the Ferris wheel let us go on even though it was closed. Then we went back to RMHNA. It was all lots of fun!


-Ireland, House Hero