RMH holds a special place in my heart. As a child I fell out of a window and spent what seemed like a long time at the hospital. My parents were early on in their careers and could hardly afford the cost of a hotel for the duration of my stay. They stayed at the Ronald McDonald House® in Toronto. I remember my parents brining me Happy Meal toys and excitedly waiting in the morning for Mom and Dad to show up with the next toy.

I never knew my parents were stressed. As an adult with two children of my own, I can imagine the stress they were under. Taking the weeks off of work, caring for my younger brother, getting back and forth to the hospital. It all seems so daunting to think of now. The Ronald McDonald House® took care of some of the stress for my parents. They were rested, had time to focus and indulge me. Now I work at Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta, it only seemed fitting. Every time I give a tour of the House, I linger a bit longer in the Quilt Room. I think of the kind people I have never met that send their love to our families in the shape of a quilt. I think of the people that I never met that sent their love to my family in the shape of Ronald McDonald House®. Thank you.