If you’ve been to the House you’ve met Joan Hayes, a source of wisdom and knowledge for families, staff, and volunteers. Joan has been a long-standing hero for families at the Ronald McDonald House and for 19 years, has comforted families, welcomed volunteers, and grew the House into what it is today. On October 15, 2016, Joan bid the House a fond farewell and began the next chapter of her journey.


Here are just a few of the amazing messages we have for Joan from families, volunteers, and staff:

“Joan Hayes I will miss you. You were the first person we met when checking into RMHCNA and you have a very special place in my heart, and in the heart of so many families.” –Dale Bond, mother to House Hero Kamryn, and RMHCNA Stakeholder Relations Manager (Peace Region).

“Joan is such a beautiful woman inside and outside. Joan was more than happy to take us in as long as there was room. She is such a beautiful and understanding soul.” –Lila Hofer, mother to House Hero Gabrielle.

“She has such a warm, welcoming face and personality. She helped us with so many things when we were there.” –Jaime Girard, mother to House Hero Keira.

“Joan was someone I could count on to guide and mentor me in my early days at the House. There were times where a parent would pop into the office for a visit with Joan, whether just to chat or to update her on how their child was doing. I admired her for knowing just what to say to each of them. I hoped it would come as naturally for me as it did to her; she was such a good teacher without even knowing it. Although Joan is no longer at the House I feel I am a better person for knowing her and I was privileged to be in her circle.” –Dianne Parker, Front Office and Shuttle Driver volunteer.

Thank you Joan, for everything you have done in the name of keeping families close. The House won’t be the same without you.