One of the very best things about volunteering at RMHCNA is getting to know the kids and the families. We watch them grow stronger and healthier, and then see them accomplish their goals and get to a point where they can return home. One of the hardest things about volunteering at the House is when the families you are close to go home suddenly and you miss the chance for a real goodbye. Of course we are happy for them! So happy! We just miss that opportunity for a goodbye and that can be bittersweet. We describe this as Firegirls happy/sad.

So imagine our excitement when we ran into a number of our favorite little bakers who had left the House at Block Party! We arranged for one of our little helpers to come back and join us in the kitchen for a reunion baking event. This particular House Hero was always a great pleasure to have with us; she would help make anything and everything. She gave us lessons en francais as well as fashion tips, which lord knows we need! We have one move… navy blue!   

She cracked, by her count, her 12th, 13th and 14th eggs for us and they were all perfect! It was an excellent opportunity to reconnect and catch up a bit with not only our friend, but with her mom as well. There was lots of laughter, chatter and hugs involved and we can’t wait for our next chance to schedule some reunion baking and catch up with more House Heroes.

In addition to our reunion baker, we ended up with a lot of little bakers in our kitchen that day, which always guarantees a lot of noise and mess…our specialty. We made mini banana chocolate chip muffins, M&M cookies and of course pumpkin donuts. As always, it really was a great day!