For the past few months, we have been piloting a shuttle program to help take families to and from the Stollery Children’s Hospital twice a week. We had learned that our families were having a hard time navigating a new city and paying for transportation each day. The program was a success and launched into full swing in February. We are now able to offer the shuttle Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Because of the support of the launch, we will be adding weekends to the program.


On Wednesday, we asked local media to help us recruit volunteer drivers and collect gas card donations. We even had the support of Edmonton Eskimos Calvin McCarty and Nate Coehoorn and FC Edmonton Albert Watson and Daryl Fordyce! Within hours, we had received calls from volunteers willing to donate their time and money to the program. We are so thrilled for the support and so grateful to be able to take this burden away from families who are already going through tough times.