Community Fundraising Agreement

All funds generated from your Community Fundraiser as – publicly promoted – need to be donated as per the terms agreed upon below to Ronald McDonald House Charities® Northern Alberta (RMHCNA). In order to receipt and acknowledge donors in a timely manner, we respecfully request that funds are received by RMHCNA within 30 days of the event. All costs to come out of the proceeds or to be paid directly by the Community Fundraiser organizer.

  • Event Organizer Contact Information

  • Event Information

  • Tax Receipting

  • Tax receipts can only be issued by RMHCNA if net funds are remitted with a list of donor names, addresses, and amounts of individual donations. It is your responsibility to contact the House about tax receipting prior to your event. Please note that tax receipts will only be issued for amounts over $20.

  • Guidelines & Agreement

    We are pleased that you have chosen RMHCNA to benefit from your Community Fundraiser. Please read the information below and initial where indicated.
    • The RMHCNA logo is a registered trademark, the use of which is restricted. I agree that all publicity (media releases, print/promotional materials, etc.) for the proposed Community Fundraiser must be approved by RMHCNA prior to being printed or released.
    • RMHCNA shall have the right at any time and for any reason to request in writing that the Community Fundraiser cease use of the RMHCNA logo in connection with the event and the Community Fundraiser will comply with any such requests.
    • This Community Fundraiser in no way represents a joint venture or partnership. The supplied logo is only to be used for this initiative. Any future Community Fundraisers will require a new agreement.
    • RMHCNA will not be held liable for any financial losses incurred by the Community Fundraiser. The Community Fundraiser will indemnify, defend, and hold RMHCNA harmless from all claims, causes of action, and damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Community Fundraiser, including but not limited to property damage, personal injury, or other cause of action of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Community Fundraiser.
    • RMHCNA reserves the right to deny any application that does not compliment the House’s mission.
  • You will receive a letter within one week of submitting your application letting you know if your application has been approved or denied; in certain circumstances RMHCNA is not able to approve Community Fundraisers. RMHCNA holds no relations to any Community Fundraiser in support of RMHCNA if the organizer has not submitted and received approval of their Community Fundraising Agreement.

    By publicly naming RMHCNA as a beneficiary of your Community Fundraiser, you are responsible to submit your donation within 30 days of your event. By submitting this agreement you agree to all the terms and guidelines set out by RMHCNA.