McDonald’s Relationship

Our Founding and Forever Partner

McDonald’s® Canada has been our founding and forever partner since RMHC Canada was founded in 1982. Their unwavering support helps keep families with sick children together.

Since the 10 Cent Happy Meal® Program was launched in 2004, McDonald’s Canada has raised over $50 million for Ronald McDonald Houses across Canada. In addition to Happy Meal sales, Houses have received over $45 million from yearly McHappy Day celebrations. Every May, $1 from the sale of every Big Mac®, Happy Meal and McCafe® beverage is donated to RMHC Canada.

McDonald’s Canada restaurants corporate and local Owner/Operators and their employees get involved in a number of inspiring ways:

  • Sponsoring our events
  • In-store promotions
  • Employee giving
  • Preparing meals for families
  • Hosting fundraisers
  • Coin box donations
  • Branding and marketing support
  • Staffing volunteer events
  • Field trips
  • In-kind donations from our Wish List
  • Coffee every day for families

RMHC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, but McDonald’s is the Charity’s largest corporate donor. Some of the ways McDonald’s helps the House are through the sale of Happy Meals, the annual McHappy Day event and coin collection boxes. In our community, McDonald’s Corporation and Edmonton area McDonald’s Owner/Operators are dedicated supporters of our mission. They help provide much-needed funds and volunteer support, and they help raise awareness for the work of RMHCNA. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to serve the community and its families in the manner that we do.

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