The RMHNA House Heroes headed out to the Devonian Botanic Gardens last week to explore the grounds and learn about pond critters for our weekly field trip. We started off with an amazing tour of the Japanese Gardens, butterfly and plant houses before heading out to the pond. The kids loved using their nets to scoop up whatever critters they could find-everything from Giant Water Bugs to sea shells. We all learned so much from our friendly tour guide Carla, so I gave the kids a little quiz on the way home about one new thing they learned. Here are some interesting facts I bet you didn’t know about plants and bugs:

  1. Giant Water Bugs breathe air by putting their back ends up to the surface and sucking oxygen into little tubes (looks kind of funny to see!)
  2. Certain plants have leaves that smell like peanut butter, mint, lemon and lime (our favourite was the lime)
  3. Coffee beans are actually white before they get roasted and turn brown
  4. Dragonfly nymphs live in water for nine years before transforming into their flying adult form for one year
  5. Tamarack trees are actually a coniferous tree (has needles and cones) whose needles change color and actually fall off each year just like deciduous (trees with leaves)
  6. Thank you to the Devonian Botanic Gardens for an amazing experience that the kids talked about the whole way home.