Driven By Kindness

Over two years ago Ted Schenk came through the front doors of the House. Since that day he has given families the gift of over 1,000 hours of volunteer service. We can’t imagine where this House would be without him.

Ted had just retired when he saw a spotlight about the Shuttle Program on the news. He thought it might be the perfect opportunity to volunteer, and it’s safe to say that since that moment Ted has become a treasured member of our Army of Kindness. Along with driving the shuttle, Ted helps out by doing general House maintenance, and using his carpentry skills to build storage and signage. He even drives our field trip bus to take the House Heroes and their caregivers on many new adventures!

“I feel a sense of self-fulfillment in being of service to others,” says Ted. “The appreciation that is shown to me by many of the families what stay in the House and by the staff is amazing.”

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