As the coordinator of our Meals that Mend program – which includes not only family meals at the Ronald McDonald House but our Hospital Lunch Delivery and our Frozen Meals programs as well, I am constantly looking at ways to enhance the efficiency and delivery of these vital programs.

Ronald McDonald House has a mission of being a pillar in the provision of family-centered care for all families experiencing the serious illness or injury of a child. The only way we are able to be this pillar is because of our community of supporters.

Many times we are asked what it is we need – this can be a broad range of needs at any given time.

Knowing the products made by Rubbermaid – and the way they have developed certain products to deliver the best results I sat down like a kid at Christmas time, and drafted my ultimate wish list. As I wrote down my list (and checked it twice) I saw that there were items we needed immediately, and there were items that we would need down the line. It was tough to figure out what could be crossed off the list because everything on it would help support families.


I left the list as it was – thinking that even if a few items could be provided we would be in a much better place for our meals program. I wasn’t sure if the elves at Rubbermaid would be able to help me with my list, but I sent it along and returned to the work of preparing meals.


On December 12th – with no fanfare of reindeers or jingling bells – there arrived a special delivery at the front door of the Ronald McDonald House. My name was on it and I tore into the packaging. As I removed box after box I realized that Rubbermaid had covered every single item on that wish list. I was immediately brought back to that feeling of magic every kid feels at Christmas.


Three deliveries of wish list items later, absolutely everything had been crossed off the list and the families supported by Ronald McDonald House were able to access meals better than ever before. I’m able to work more efficiently and our ability as an organization to reach more people is being achieved.

Every family that calls Ronald McDonald House ‘home’ are going to be impacted by this generous Rubbermaid donation.

It’s not every day that an entire wish list is fulfilled – and for that I am ever grateful. Thank you for being a partner, a modern day Santa Claus, and a supporter of families. 2017 looks bright knowing we have a partner in Rubbermaid.