On Friday we made our way to the Alberta Aviation Museum to learn about Edmonton’s rich history in flight and aviation from our tour guide Rick!

Nine of us jumped in our van and headed downtown to experience the exciting displays, artifacts, and activities related to Alberta’s past and present. Field Trip Volunteer Teresa was just as excited as all of the children!


Rick is well informed in the many corners of Alberta’s history and made sure we had a fun time learning! After a few stories of how aviation started in Alberta, Rick brought us out to an abandoned private jet to see another side of aviation. Everyone took turns sitting in the cockpit and learning what the buttons control and how to steer the plane!

After that, we explored two more planes. One was a restored fighter jet where we all took turns sitting in the drivers’ seat – it was really snug! House Hero Lily found it quite comfortable though, and lounged back in the chair for a picture.

Thank you Alberta Aviation Museum and Rick for providing us with such a fun afternoon exploring planes and learning about our history. It was a great experience for our House families from Shanghai, Ethiopia, and Sudan to learn more about Alberta!