We have never done a field trip outing to Ed’s Rec Room before, but within a short time after putting a request out to West Edmonton Mall to see if they could donate some passes for us, we were blown away by their generosity. They donated enough tickets so that 16 of our kids and parents could bowl last Friday afternoon.

After being warmly greeted, getting shoes that fit all of our feet (big and small) and organizing ourselves into four lanes, the fun really began. I had the privilege of helping three of the youngest bowlers throw their very first bowling balls. All around me there were squeals of excitement, countless high fives, and most importantly, laughter.


The afternoon was one of those experiences where, in the midst of many people doing many different things, you are able to step back for a minute and let the magic of the moment sink in. For me, the magic of this moment was knowing that for even an hour or two, these families were able to let go of their stress and have some fun together. The kids were just able to be kids.

I want to sincerely thank West Edmonton Mall for providing this opportunity for an afternoon of normalcy for our families. Your kindness truly lifted us all.