The kids at RMHNA were warmly welcomed at Fire Hall 2 on Monday afternoon for our weekly field trip. We were first given a tour of the hall before climbing inside the fire trucks, which the kids could not wait to do! Two-year-old Landon loved sitting in the driver’s seat, pushing the buttons to turn the lights on and, much to everyone’s surprise, honking the horn.


After jumping out of our skin at the unexpected loudness, we all had a good laugh. The fire fighters went above and beyond to make sure the kids had a great time, allowing them to go inside the bucket of the ladder truck, showing them their squash court (which the kids absolutely loved) and even topped off the whole afternoon with some delicious cookies and ice cream in the kitchen.


The kids talked the whole way home about what a fun time they had, asking when we could go back. Seth, age eight, even said that this experience made him want to be a fire fighter when he grows up. Monday afternoon clearly had a positive impact on everyone.


Thank you so much Fire Hall 2 for allowing the kids to have this wonderful experience that I know they will not forget.