Education and Recreation Coordinator Megan took the kids on a field trip last Friday. Check out what Megan has to say about visiting the Launch Pad Trampoline Park:


This past Friday, RMHNA kids had a blast jumping around at Launchpad Trampoline Park. Out of all the exciting things to do there from jumping into a massive foam pit, trampoline dodge ball, climbing up and sliding down trampoline walls, their favourite thing to do was sit in a group and get bounced by House dad, Sean. The group started off with 2 or 3 of our house kids getting bounced, and by the end, there were kids that we didn’t even know joining in the bounce circle shouting in unison “jump, jump, jump!” It was so much fun to watch and even more fun when I joined in myself! Another great field trip afternoon with the House Heroes at RMHNA.