One of our latest field trips was to the Hide N’ Seek Indoor Playground in west Edmonton. None of us had been there before and didn’t know quite what to expect, but as soon as we set foot inside and saw the giant play structure, the House Heroes’ excitement could not be contained!


After what must have felt like an eternity to the kids of getting their boots and  coats off, going over a few safety rules and having them gather for a quick group photo, the kids were racing inside ready to play! They slid, climbed, crawled and bounced for nearly two hours with hardly a break.


It was so nice to see the kids have time to just be kids, doing what they do best: playing. The best part about this field trip for me was that I had the excuse to play as well! After following the kids around, trying to keep up and take photos, I was exhausted! It was such a fun afternoon for all of us and I’ve already been asked, “When can we go back?”