On Friday, September 22, the RMHCNA House Heroes and their caregivers headed on a field trip to Jurassic Forest!

It was our biggest field trip of this school year so far, with 11 people heading across the city to explore the dinosaur trails outside of Gibbons. Our first stop was a group of Velociraptors! Luckily our House Heroes avoided any attacks because they were too swift and sneaky for the dinosaur.

We continued down the trail and found some more dinosaurs. They moved and made noises, and we thought the best way to scare them off was to make noises ourselves! We had a dinosaur yelling contest at the Diplodocus!

After the trails were finished, we found ourselves excavating and being paleontologists at a dig site! Everyone grabbed a brush and got to work.

There were also dinosaurs adjacent to the dig site to ride and play with!

Thank you so much Jurassic Forest for having us out! We had a wonderful time and will be back for another adventure soon.