Last week’s field trip to the Muttart Conservatory was not only educational, it was also a ton of fun. With six House Heroes and two House moms along for the afternoon. We explored two of the pyramids with an awesome guide who taught us all about plants in Arid and Tropical climates, and then had some time to discover the Temperate Pyramid on our own with a fun scavenger hunt in hand.


Some of the highlights of the day: comparing the size of the elephant leaves next to 4 year old L (they made her look small in comparison), seeing how engaged 5 year old D was with the coy fish in the pond (he literally could have stayed there all day) and finding the “perfect” place for each House Hero to release lady bugs into the Temperate Pyramid (they were all very thoughtful in their placement choices).


Thank you to the City of Edmonton for giving us this engaging learning experience!