Below Kacie, our Recreation & Education Coordinator, speaks about her latest field trip with the RMHCNA House Heroes: 

Last week we were lucky to have the Fire Girls host us at the Stony Plain Fire Hall. We had a small talk on fire safety and then onto the “good stuff” as Tristan called it!

We saw how a firefighter prepares for a call and how all their gear goes on. We learned that firefighters aren’t scary when they have their safety gear on, and we got some hugs and high fives just to be sure. Then we got to sit in a fire truck and use the headphones to talk to each other. We learned all about rookie initiation and even got to use the water hose on a rookie in the fire hall! It was definitely the highlight (sorry John)! Finally, we capped off the trip with seeing the truck in full lights and sirens.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. A huge thank you to the Fire Girls and the Stony Plain Fire Hall for hosting us!