This past week Megan loaded up the House van and took a drive down the road to Fire Hall 6 for yet another Fire Station field trip. This is not the first Fire Station field trip we’ve been on with our kids from Ronald McDonald House® Northern Alberta and it certainly won’t be the last. It never ceases to amaze us the way the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services so willingly opens up their doors to the community. The entire field trip was awesome and as always, there was no shortage of participants (big or small). These field trips are a great opportunity for kids of all sizes to learn, have some fun and just be kids.


In addition to having the chance to explore the pump and the ladder inside and out, we had the opportunity to see just how high the ladder could reach… You have to look waaaayyy up to see the top!!!


We were lucky enough to experience what it is like to be up in the ladder bucket. There was a quick lesson with respect to the intricacies of water supply which then of course required some practice. Some of us had better aim than others… Interestingly enough this is also the perfect environment for a lesson in restraint. What is it about water that is so enticing?? Ahhhhh yay never mind, that is totally a rhetorical question.

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Words cannot describe the magic that happens when Edmonton Fire Rescue teams up with Ronald McDonald House. We are so very fortunate to be a part of these two phenomenal communities.

This is a good fit.