Colin and Leona Dixon have been strong RMHCNA supporters here in Grande Prairie, especially of our Shoot for the House event. Colin is a long time resident of Valleyview, Alberta, who started building his dream gun range on his farm three years go. After seeing the success of Shoot for the House and how the Wapiti Shooters Club was able to partner with RMHCNA, the idea for a second sporting clay event in Valleyview was born. The hope was to reach out into surrounding Peace Region communities, bring awareness about RMHCNA and to raise funds to continue to support Peace Region families with sick and seriously injured children. 

Colin and Leona who lost a daughter in a car accident years ago, felt partnering with RMHCNA was a great fit for them as a family and as a new up and coming business. Colin opened the Shot Shell Sporting Clay Range with the first annual Shot Shell Shoot for the House event in support of RMHCNA. This event was held in Valleyview this past May, and was heavily supported by the local residents and the community of Valleyview. This event hosted 50 shooters and raised $21,000 for RMHCNA. Colin and Leona look forward to next year and the second annual Shot Shell Shoot for the House event.