Hi I’m Hailey and I’m going to tell you about green week at Ronald McDonald House Charities Northern Alberta School.

This was a week full of learning about reducing, reusing, and recycling and what we can do here at the House!

We gave cards to people that were recycling and doing good things for the Earth. Everyday we handed out at least one card.  We each made a promise of things we were going to do to reduce our impact on the earth. I promised to turn off the water when brushing my teeth and to turn off the lights when not in my room. We made posters that showed people what can be recycled and composted, and what goes into the garbage and put them around the House.


Our final project was to make a robot out of reusable materials. Here are the things that I used to build my reusable robot.

  • Formula containers (legs)
  • Big cardboard box (body)
  • Plastic cup (shoulders)
  • Paper towel rolls (arms)
  • Granola box (neck)
  • Cardboard box (head)
  • Cardboard cups, pom poms, cotton (eyes)
  • Plant pots (ears)
  • Plastic cups (ears)Hailey-2

We presented what we learned in a skit to the House and on Facebook Live. It was so much fun!