On Thursdays we volunteer at RMHNA! I always look forward to it. We leave our┬áhouse around 9:30 and Papa drives us to Save-On-Foods. There we purchase the supplies we will need for the day like┬áRice Krispies, chocolate chips, marshmallows, milk, butter and eggs. The clerks know us and where we’re going. They always have a smile for us. Save-On-Foods actually sponsors the baking program at RMHNA.


Soon we are walking through the front doors of RMHNA. The staff greets us warmly. Guests who have seen us before look happy to see us. New guests look curious. The red kitchen is ours for the morning. One of us fetches the baking cart while we switch on the ovens and sanitize the countertops. Each of us four girls has a designated job. One makes Rice Krispies squares, puffed wheat squares and s’mores squares. This job involves lots of marshmallows! One of us makes a batch of cookies in the Kitchen Aid mixer. Another girl mixes up two kinds of bars – brownies and one of her choice.


Probably the biggest job, also the most fun in my opinion, is making the cinnamon rolls. They are mixed up by hand by another one of us. Mama usually comes along and makes bread or buns. Sometimes we sing while we work which is always fun. There are usually a few kids around who want to get their little hands involved. We are happy to let them. Baking at the House is very rewarding!

-Kaitlyn Wiebe from Paxton, Nebraska