Elise Kwan stayed at RMHCNA with her family for 722 nights. Since staying with us she has become a true ambassador for the House. Below Elise shares her experience seeing herself in our RMHCNA Block Party coupon book:

My mom and I decided to go to McDonald’s for supper. We went to the McDonald’s on Calgary Trail and I saw a poster for the purchase an RMHCNA coupon book. After ordering, mom saw the book beside the cash register and took one to look at. I looked at it and said, “That’s me!” to the cashier.

At first he didn’t really believe me and thought I was crazy, but finally I insisted it was me and had the dress to prove it. He looked at the picture again, noticed how much we looked alike and gave me a huge smile.

You can get your own coupon book at any McDonald’s restaurant in Northern Alberta or purchase one at RMHCNA for $1. All proceeds will be donated to RMHCNA.

elise kwan