My brother and a friend had both told me about SCiP (Serving Communities Internship Program). I was interested in gaining experience in the accounting field, so I searched SCiP’s online postings and came across one for RMHNA. The House plays such a meaningful role in our community and this was why I was excited to apply. I was glad to have been accepted as an intern in the spring of 2014 because my kind supervisor, Maureen, had given me the opportunity to take part in the practical world of accounting. It has given me the opportunity to see firsthand how the House operates and it feels good to be here.

After my internship ended, I stayed with the House to volunteer during the summer, helping with the reception desk and around the House. I really enjoyed the variation. Also, it is a relaxing environment, yet keeping busy is what RMHNA staff and volunteers do every day.

Once the school year began, I applied and completed a second internship here. Now I am working at RMHNA. I love being here. Having the office situated right in the House, where the families stay, makes the work environment special. I am grateful to be a part of a support system for these families in need and I am continuously inspired, not only by the support of staff, volunteers, and generous donors, but also the support families have for each other.

-Anna, Accounting Staff