Every month we host an Unbirthday Party for all the kids in the House. Check out Positively Princessed’s experience volunteering:

My Sister and I first fell in love with RMHCNA through the meals program, so we were overjoyed to come back to the House as princesses and give the Unbirthday Party a little extra sparkle. It is humbling to spend time with these absolutely amazing kids and families! They are some of the strongest people we have ever come across! We have the best job ever. As princesses we get to experience the joy and laughter of all these kids and maybe help them forget the stress or anxiety they may be feeling.

A highlight for us is when we get to take the kids up to the Magic Room and help them pick out their Unbirthday presents. That room truly is magical.. the smiles and squeals that come from the kids as they get to pick out something special just for them to keep, it makes me jealous of Santa. A favourite moment was when we were able to Skype with a sweet little one who was in the Stollery Children’s Hospital and couldn’t be there to pick out her present. As much as it is fun for these kids to see Elsa, Anna and Olaf, we definitely feel the most blessed by this experience! We leave that place with full hearts and sometimes a lump in our throats!

From Sparkle Tattoos, crafts and an outdoor movie party to cake, stories and games, this day is a day we look forward to every month because we meet real life super stars. Thank you for having us!

-Positively Princessd