Teddy came with Aurora all the way from Calgary to stay by his best friend’s side while she was in the hospital.

He spent many months sleeping beside Aurora in the hospital and at the Ronald McDonald House.

Luckily, Aurora started feeling better and Teddy was able to go with Aurora to all sorts of visits around Edmonton.

They went to parks, for walks, special events and always to the hospital for checkups. Teddy was even able to join Aurora on all of the rides K-Days – he was having SO MUCH FUN that when it was time to go, Teddy forgot to get in the car with Aurora and Nana.

Aurora could not believe that Teddy wasn’t sleeping beside her that night at the Ronald McDonald House, it was a very sad evening.

House moms Amber and Sarah saw poor Aurora so upset about missing Teddy, and they knew they had to do something.

While little Aurora slept and dreamt of Teddy, Amber and Sarah started sending messages all over Edmonton to try and find Teddy.

Little did Aurora know, Teddy was found by the K-Days team and they made sure that Teddy had a BIG adventure!

He met new friends, he watched movies, he tried all the treats at K-Days, he even caught some Pokemon!

After all of his fun and games, Teddy realized the best adventure was anytime he was with Aurora.

He missed his Aurora so much, and wasn’t sure how to get back to RMHCNA – he worried she was scared without him

What Teddy didn’t realize was House moms Amber and Sarah were on the case and had found out where he was!

The BIGGEST adventure was yet to come!

On Thursday afternoon – after a big car ride and many adventures – Teddy got his very best gift: a reunion and hug with a tearful Aurora.

“I missed you so much Teddy” was all she had to say, and Teddy knew for all his adventures, in her arms was his favourite place.

Thank you so much to the K-Days team for giving Teddy so many adventures and most important – for bringing him home! #AdventuresOfTeddy


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  1. I’m so glad Teddy had fun, but im even more happier that he is back safe in Aurora arms xo

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