The Re-Gift Card Program was an idea born of frustration. Most of us carry around partially used or unused gift cards in our wallets, sometimes for months or years until we eventually even forget we have them. We don’t throw them away because they have some value to them but we know we’ll probably never use them. 

My friend Vicki and her daughter Danielle had been working with Ronald McDonald House for a few years and had started collecting these cards at music events to donate to the House. Vicki wanted to create a more formal, ongoing program so she asked if I would be interested in helping her do that. Our goal was to develop a corporate giving program to collect and donate unused or partially used gift cards to the House, and ultimately work together to manage the program.

The folks at RMHCNA were very receptive to the idea. Many of the families staying at the House are not only facing an emotional crisis, but a financial one as well. The earlier donations of cards had allowed RMHCNA to provide families with simple pleasures like a cup of coffee and a snack during a long and stressful day, a movie night or a dinner out with their families. It was a way to help families achieve some normalcy of life during long stays at the House. They knew they would be able to find ongoing and creative ways to use these cards to support families there so they were 100% on board!

The Re-Gift Card Program became a reality! Vicki and I put together package of materials to make it super easy for any organization to run the program for their employees. We provide posters, email templates and collection boxes – all the company has to do is encourage their employees to donate any unwanted new or partially used gift cards. In just a few months, the program has donated over $3,000 worth of cards to help the families at the House. It’s been a fantastic experience for us, and the feedback has been great!

Now we’re looking for more organizations to run the Re-Gift Card campaigns in their offices. It doesn’t cost a thing, takes almost no time to set up and 100% of the value goes to directly to support the families or RMHCNA itself. To learn more, check out the Re-Gift Card Program, or send us an email at We’ll answer your questions, help you get your campaign set up and make it easy for you to become a re-gifter too!