Anna is our Summer Student Meals Coordinator, and she planned a fantastic birthday surprise for her partner:

Buying gifts for adults is always a conundrum. What can I get that means something and is practical? Most adults don’t need much. At my house, my partner and I often give and receive gift cards that we end up re-gifting to Ronald McDonald House halfway through the year after cleaning out our wallets. So I thought — why go through all the hassle when I could organize something to benefit the families at the House directly while taking care of the whole birthday gift thing?

My partner Colin’s birthday gift this year was a catered dinner for the families at the Ronald McDonald House. Between myself and his family we donated the cost of the catering as his gift. I tricked him into attending the dinner by telling him he needed to come by and fix something the House. He occasionally volunteers his handyman skills so this worked well. He was totally surprised and overwhelmed at the good his gift was able to do for the families at RMHCNA. He told me it was one of the best gifts he has ever received! And don’t tell him — but it was easy too. I just organized it with our Mission Programs Officer & Executive Chef , made the donation to cover the cost of the meal, and showed up!

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