Below Esrielle Roquex describes her experience volunteering at RMHCNA:

For the past couple of weeks, myself and a few other volunteers from Millwoods Assembly have had the pleasure of volunteering at Ronald McDonald House and getting to know the children staying there. From hunting imaginary bad guys to turning the fort into a pet hotel to plasma car races on the playground, every moment has been a blast. Last week we were even able to take the kids to the field across the street to play some field games with them. Their energy and enthusiasm in every game made the short time we had with them fly by even faster.

We can’t wait to be back this Wednesday and play some more games and go on more adventures. We love to go out to the field and playground across the street to soak up the beautiful weather and get some fresh air. So kids, if you’re reading this, be sure to have your parent/guardian to sign up so you can join us in the fun! See you then!

Millwoods Assembly_May 26 2016 091