Gerry Graziano from Little Italy Pasta has declared June ‘Cannoli Month’, and all proceeds from the sales of Cannoli at Little Italy Pasta in June will be donated to RMHCNA. He and House Hero Elise appeared on CTV Morning Live last week in preparation for Cannoli Month. Gerry will be accepting Cannoli orders for pick up, and will also offer pick up and tours here at the House from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. on Saturday, May 30th at 7726-107 Street. Here is Gerry’s story of why he stands behind the mission of RMHCNA:

I feel so lucky to have been involved with the House for over two years now. I’ve hosted Meals that Mend dinners and have also spent a few Saturdays making Cannoli with the kids. You see, I have this theory that food eases your mind.

I have also met some incredible families who are going through so much looking after their kids, who are going through something even bigger. However, it’s not just them, it’s the entire family that can stay at the House; parents and siblings. This is such a huge deal, because the family gets to stay together as much as possible while their child or sibling is in hospital.

The stay could be quite long, as I have seen firsthand with some of the families being there over a year, but they are better able to cope as a family unit. The sick child isn’t alone while in hospital, and I would have to think that he or she feels that much more comfortable and secure having parents and siblings close by. The parents, well, they get to tend to their family and also have other families to lean on during what has to be such a tough time. Everyone is in it together. Everyone can feel what everyone else is going through. They can eat together, watch TV together, play games, or just sit and talk over a cup of coffee. Each family has their own room, a variety of amenities and pretty much everything they would otherwise have at home.

Except they’re not at home. RMHCNA is the next best thing to being at home for families with sick kids who travel to Edmonton for treatment or surgery. It keeps the family together during difficult times and that’s why it’s such an important place to me. I grew up big on family and we handled everything together. That’s why RMHCNA is a place for families to handle their tough times together. I certainly hope many of you will take the time this Saturday (or anytime really) to stop by and visit the House. Get a feel for how much awesome happens within their walls. Find out how you can help out, be it through their very popular Meals That Mend program or through any of the various volunteer opportunities that they need filled. I assure you, you will not regret it.

Cannoli, anyone?