After spending time at the House, I have had the pleasure of getting to know the wonderful Hailey. Hailey has had a fantastic stay at the House over the last three weeks and over that period of time, she has made many new friends. Her favourite things to do at the House include going on field trips and hanging out with her friends.


Even though she has only stayed here for three weeks, she has already been able to go on four field trips including the Festival of Trees, watching the movie Trolls, taking a train ride, and the 4 Cats Art Studio. At the Festival of Trees she loved playing all the activities, on the train she loved sitting with her family and spending time with them, and at the Art Studio she enjoyed making splatter art.


While at the House, Hailey feels comfortable and “at home” with her family and new friends. Even though she misses home a little, she also has fun at the House and says “this place is awesome”. The volunteers at the House are extremely important to Hailey because she loves how they are able to provide numerous opportunities every day and how they are always so positive.


One thing she is really looking forward to at the House is Christmas! Christmas is a wonderful time around the House because so many groups come to volunteer, gifts are donated, groups come to decorate, and lots of holiday baking is done. Because she has had such a wonderful experience at the House, she sees herself returning in the future to volunteer as either a playtime assistant or as a meal prep helper. 

Carlina is student at the University of Alberta, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House as part of a Community Service Learning class.