Light the House has lit up our classroom and community in so many ways! This fundraiser has facilitated a classroom environment full of compassion, generosity, empathy, concern and awareness for others. I observed my students working together to support each other and their community for the greater good of all the families whom benefit from the Ronald McDonald House; COMMENDABLE!


With the hectic schedules of teaching at times, fundraising can become daunting; however, Oreen Skiba ensures Light the House will not accumulate an added work load. It is a well-run, with amazing support, fundraiser that I would love to be a part of each year to come!

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for our students, as well as, providing our families a place to call HOME when they are faced with unforeseen health circumstance. We look forward to lighting up our school in the future; Light the House rocks! 

Learn how you can get involved with Light the House HERE

Jacqueline Densmore is a teacher at the Nelson Heights Middle School the Lakeland Region who participated in the Light the House fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in 2015.