Below Lori Dyck, one of our amazing partners from the Sofina Foundation, shares her story of donating to RMHCNA:

The month of May started as a very hectic time for province of Alberta. Due to the devastating fire in Fort McMurray and area, 80,000 plus people were evacuated from the city they called home and placed in different areas of our province. An urgent request came in from our Senior Director of the Sofina Foundation, Umeeda Madhany, that the Ronald McDonald House in Edmonton was in urgent need of donations and volunteers to accommodate for families that had been evacuated from Fort McMurray.

The word went out to all Sofina staff in the Edmonton area that help was needed.

I have never had an opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House before, and was greeted with such compassion by the staff that it was overwhelming. Realizing that everyone was hustling and bustling about, and preparing in every way they could, I was to quickly dropped off the extra bedding that was so needed on behalf of the Sofina Foundation. At this opportunity I had the chance to meet Jaime Caza and Patricia Snow, along with a couple other staff members. They were so thankful that one of the requests was met.

Patricia helped me with the bags of bedding I was delivering and chatted with me. Our chat really opened my eyes to the desperation of some of the families. You hear word on the media but to see it first hand in a staff members eyes, well my heart just sank at that time. I couldn’t imagine being without the necessities of life as these new arrivals were. I have a little business I own with my daughter of fashionable leggings, called Loco Leggs, and it just so happened I had inventory in my vehicle. Well I thought, bright colorful leggings may boost some spirits and add some comfort.

I did not take the time to count how many pairs Loco Leggs donated of Adult and Children’s leggings to the House guests, but I knew that when I drove away, that the compassion in my heart changed forever for these people and what this organization does to assist these families in such need. And reported to me from Patricia is that the leggings donation was so wholeheartedly appreciated.

I have had the opportunity to go back and drop off more donations from my co-workers at Sofina and was given a House tour by Patricia. The accommodations that this House and their family of staff members supplies to those families in need is above and beyond.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of such a worthy cause. You haven’t seen the last of me.