Last Thursday I got to participate in the grand opening of Ronald McDonald House’s new space, Time For You. This amazing room was sponsored by KDM Management and First General were the contractors. The Time For You room is set up for hairdressers, but can also accommodate massages, manicures, and pedicures.

Both of the hairdressers on hand for the big unveiling volunteer their services to families once a month. From Ponytails and Horseshoes, Melissa’s first client in the new space was six-year-old Aurora who is at the House recovering from her recent liver transplant. I love that Aurora ran over and gave Rosanna of KDM a big hug afterwards!

This salon space is more specifically a place for adults to decompress. When you have a child in-hospital, or are dealing with serious medical concerns, the first thing that goes out the window is self-care. Yet one of the most important things these parents can do for their child is to take care of themselves so they are able to take care of their kids. Dandy Salon stylist Pam’s was providing Julie with a little TLC. You may recognize Julie from the Stollery Children’s Hospital peer mentoring piece on Global with Su Lin Goh. She was the parent I was mentoring…small hospital world!

If you know of anyone that may want to join the Rejuvenate program they can click here to fill out a volunteer application. –Kristy Wolfe

Kristy Wolfe is a photographer who offers photography sessions to House families, and even hosts workshops for our House Heroes and their families to learn photography. She is also a volunteer photographer for RMHCNA events.