Meet Charlee and her twin sister, Adelynn. These two beautiful girls are from Calgary, but were born in Edmonton on May 9, 2016. Early ultrasounds detected heart anomalies and so mom, Joyce, moved into RMHCNA in preparation for birth and the first of three heart surgeries for Charlee, who was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia and a ventricular septal defect.

I had the pleasure of documenting a day in their life at the Stollery Children’s Hospital’s NICU when the girls were two months old. Charlee had already been through her first heart surgery and had recently hit another big milestone when she took her first bottle, which is a challenge for babies with cleft lip and palate. As you can see juggling twins, one in hospital and one out, is no easy task! –Kristy Wolfe

Kristy Wolfe is a photographer who offers photography sessions to House families, and even hosts workshops for our House Heroes and their families to learn photography. She is also a volunteer photographer for RMHCNA events.