Prior to volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House I did not know much about it. After gaining some knowledge about the organization I immediately became interested in being a part of this community.

The Ronald McDonald House is a very friendly environment. As a full-time university student it is sometimes challenging to find time because of my busy schedule; however, the Ronald McDonald House is very flexible with hours and I am able to adjust my volunteer hours to best fit my schedule which is why I believe it is one of the best places to volunteer at.

Every visit here I feel welcomed by everyone whether it is the staff members or an individual living in the House. I enjoy volunteering once a week for two hours because within that short period of time I always learn something new.

The majority of my time spent volunteering has been working in the kitchen preparing snacks. Although I do not have many cooking skills I still have fun preparing frozen meals for families to snack on and enjoy.

I have also spent some afternoons playing with the kids during Playtime. It gives the parents some time to relax and the kids enjoy playing with the volunteers.

I love volunteering here and I wish to help out the House to the best of my ability. I believe that even the smallest efforts make a difference. Whether it is playing with the kids during Playtime or packaging cookies in the kitchen, the feeling of helping out others and putting smiles on their faces is the most rewarding prize that anyone can gain through working with the Ronald McDonald House. I always look forward to the days I spend here.

The Ronald McDonald House has many values, making it a comfortable and welcoming place for families across Edmonton and Northern Alberta. They have a variety of programs that give many opportunities for the community to help out with and welcomes anyone interested in volunteering.  

Aside from volunteering, there is still a way to help out which is donating. There are many ways to donate like fundraising, sponsoring an event or donating a meal. 

Being a part of this community has warmed my heart in ways that words cannot describe. Helping others out gives you a feeling that no one should ever miss out on. I will forever be grateful and will take these experiences with me for the rest of my life.

Danielle is a first year student at the University of Alberta, volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House as part of a Community Service Learning class.