Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a plethora of sweet treats to munch on. With that in mind, we have been busy with some of our friends creating piles of spooky snacks that would scare the pants off anyone. Warning, these are not for the faint of heart…


The brownie coffin is deadly and delicious. Any brownie recipe will do when you have a specific coffin mold to help things along. Gummy worms as well as chocolate bones, skulls and spoooooooky zombie hands made from molded melted chocolates were strategically placed in the scariest ways possible by our expert decorators.


Our favorite Mike Wazowski cookies can be made in any creepy colour. Our good pal Joel decided teal and black were about as spookilicious as you could get.


Of course it’s practically required to have an assortment of sugar cookies to ice and decorate. We borrowed a pile (we thought it was a pile, but it was maybe 35% of her Halloween cookie cutter stash) of cookie cutters from our pal Stella to make a wide variety of sugar cookies including fangs, cats, pumpkins and zombies. Keeping with the Halloween theme, we coloured the dough orange, purple and green.


We wish you all a monster-ific Halloween. Eat, drink and be scary!!