It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and at RMHCNA it is very easy to see why. We are grateful that so many community members come to the House through the Helping Hands volunteer program and lovingly fill our kitchens with baking and cooking to feed our guests. In particular, we have two groups that come in to bake each and every week. The love they put into their creations is felt, smelled, and tasted by all in the House. 

On Tuesdays, the Edmonton Hope and Wellness Centre brings a dedicated group of volunteers. Their treats range from muffins and breads that help stock our breakfast bar, to a variety of cookies and squares that are a comforting treat for families. The friendly demeanor of the group is infectious in the kitchens as they greet all that come by and offer up test treats for those that just can’t wait for the goodies to be packaged and put away.

Two Edmonton Hope and Wellness volunteers baking up a storm in a RMHCNA kitchen.

On Thursday mornings the buzz in the House is notable as the smell of butter, cinnamon, and sugar wafts through the air. The Thursday cinnamon buns are legendary and if you are lucky to get one while they are warm, you have no choice but to smile and enjoy! This weekly treat, along with cookies and squares, are prepared by women of the Mennonite Community. Their commitment to serve and the love they share in their baking truly warms the spirit of our House.

The famous cinnamon buns!

At RMHCNA we are fortunate to have volunteers that come from a variety of backgrounds, businesses, organizations, and community groups. This includes an increasing number of school groups that are choosing to support RMCHNA in order to teach students the value of volunteerism in the community. The support of these groups helps us to keep toys and play spaces clean, ensure we have a large stock of decorated lunch bags for Meals That Mend: Lunch Delivery, and fill our baking rack with delicious treats. The school visits have also helped us to spread the importance of our mission by sending students home with a lasting impression that they share with their families. 

The love and support of students in our community is not just limited to local Edmonton schools. J.R. Robson School of Vermillion made a special trip to the city on two occasions this past semester to volunteer at RMHCNA. These classes of grade 7 students demonstrated hard work and compassion as they worked quickly and quietly in the House to complete any task we threw at them. For many of them, the link was personal as a recent House family is from their community. This group embodied what it means to selflessly volunteer, and a few of the students even commented that they would love to bring their families to Edmonton so that they could volunteer again. J.R. Robson School is a wonderful reminder that the kindness of our community knows no boundaries.