On July 18th we had the great opportunity of picking a Home for Dinner date. How fortunate are we? As usual we had no problem finding volunteers to help us cook. The trouble came with the menu… We had come up with our ‘dream menu’ but it was just a titch outside our budget. We caught a break when the good people at the Namao Save-On-Foods heard about our dinner at RMHNA (thanks Captain Brian Hoekstra) and offered to help us out!


Between the Edmonton Fire Fighters Union’s continued support and Save-On-Foods coming to our rescue, we were able to provide a fantastic BBQ steak and chicken dinner for the House families. We also prepared roasted potatoes/vegetables and that fantastic southwestern citrus bean salad. We also made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes which were decorated with the assistance of our House Heroes and the Sprinkle Tornado.


(This is a Sprinkle Tornado… yes it is a real thing and it is awesome!! Thanks Stella!!)

Who knew decorating cupcakes could bring so many smiles without a sprinkle mess? Ruth and Gail, you ARE welcome! Thank you so much to the Edmonton Fire Fighters Union and the Namao Save-On-Foods for their generous support!

Of course what is a Home for Dinner without Fire Truck Blizzards. These are pretty much a requirement at this point. Captains Doherty and McQuinney along with the boys from Station 3, 1 platoon, were gracious enough to come by and help us out! However, before the Blizzards could be made, there was one small yet powerful errand they needed to run which put a smile on the face of one very deserving little girl.


We have said it before, our guys have big hearts and once again those hearts were out in full force. Even Platoon Chief Allan made the time to sneak out of the office to join in the fun and say hello.

After all that we still had the Blizzards to make and as usual they did not disappoint. Cookies were crushed, added to ice cream and Fire Truck Blizzards were made. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the look on everyone’s faces as the truck drives over the cookies. That will never get old!! When Edmonton Fire Rescue is in the House, we know there will always be laughter, pure joy and magic. It’s what they do without even knowing it.


It was an absolutely incredible night. The only problem is how do we ever top this one? Hmmmm… good thing we are always up for a challenge! Stay tuned for our next Home for Dinner adventure…

If you think you have a group of people up for the Home for Dinner challenge, contact Matt Mang at It’s a great chance to get involved and be a part of an amazing community. We can assure you, you won’t regret it.