On January 30, RMHNA welcomed four surprise visitors to the House to help celebrate all of our January birthdays at our monthly Unbirthday Party. While our special guests from C3 Caring Cosplay got ready in the classroom, the kids were trying to sneak a peek at who it could be. Elsa, Cinderella, Superman and Batman finally appeared and made their way into the very full dining room where all the families were waiting. The looks on the kids’ faces were unforgettable as they took in who exactly it was that had come to visit them. Having the chance to meet their favourite characters in real life was a dream come true.


With a superhero themed cake donated by Crave Cupcakes, the Heroes and Princesses helped everyone sing Happy Birthday. And, of course, what would a birthday party be without presents? Each child took special trip up to the Magic Room to choose a toy before returning back downstairs to spend some time with our guests.


This evening was filled with the magic, excitement and happiness, made possible by the kindness of the community. A big thank you to Crave Cupcakes for the delicious cake, and to C3 Caring Cosplay for coming and celebrating with us. We look forward to seeing you again soon!