I plan, shop and guide our volunteers through the RMHNA Fuel for Families Powered by Ledcor lunch program. Every Friday afternoon, we provide 50 bag lunches to families experiencing times of medical distress with their children. I have experienced the impact that something as simple as a lunch provides to families. Sometimes we all just need a touch of warmth and a touch of home. A co-worker shared our hospital lunch program with a Facebook group for moms. Little did we know, a member of the group had already used the program.

I actually had one of your bagged lunches. It was before my daughter was diagnosed and I was at the hospital with her and had no money and was starving. I literally cried when I had something to eat. It was such a scary dark time I didnt know what was going on and I was hungry with no money. Thank you.

Until now I have never had the opportunity to share what this program provides on an emotional level. This mom’s firsthand account made me truly feel the impact of what we do each Friday afternoon. It’s heartwarming to hear what this lunch meant to her.

If you would like to take part in our lunch program contact me for the details at 780-439-5437 ext. 253 or