Jordan is one of our House Heroes and he is an amazing example of strength and determination. He is also full of kindness and empathy.


While being treated at an Edmonton hospital, he made friends with Katy who was going through some similar treatments. Katy wasn’t able to leave the hospital, but Jordan has been letting her know every day that as soon as she can, she and her family are coming for dinner at the Ronald McDonald House with his family.

Jordan also wanted Katy to get a visit to the Magic Room – but without being able to come to the House he wasn’t sure how to make that happen.


Luckily, our friends at Cybera and Double Robotics were able to make this possible! Please check out this video to see the creative and fun way Jordan and Katy were able to visit the Magic Room together!

Thank you to everyone who keeps our Magic Room filled with joy and wonder. #KeepingFamiliesClose #BetterTogether