One of things I love most about this House is being able to share in the most magical moments between families, volunteers, donors and staff.

It was the most amazing thing to get a call from a new donor yesterday who wants to sponsor a room for the next three years! These are always fantastic calls because it’s such a true gift to watch kindness enter our doors and calls like these are exactly that.

This new donor and I spent quite a while on the phone. She is so kind and very funny. As we spoke longer, she shared with me what inspired her to make this donation, not just to our House, but to several Houses this year. The inspiration came from a Facebook page of a family who lived with us here shares their journey on. Over 14 thousand people follow this beautiful families story.


This family inspired kindness by letting their community share in their story, letting the community love and support them and be there in any way we can.

This was an amazing, magical moment and a gift to be a part of.