Over the past two weeks, in addition to having our usual loud, messy and fun baking extravaganza at the House, we also had the opportunity to bake for a bake sale happening along with a lemonade stand. This wasn’t any ordinary bake sale, it was an event inspired by a three-year-old and moved forward by a five-year-old. You see, the three-year-old has spinal muscular atrophy and needs a new motorized wheelchair. The five-year-old is her friend who saw a need and ran with it. The Canada Day sale was not the first event organized by Mikalya for her friend Gabby.



Kids help kids simply because nothing is out of reach for a child. When there’s a need, they want to fill it. A friend needs something, so lets get it. There are no strings attached and no limits. This is not the first time we have seen this. Remember Pyper who had a hot dog sale and raised over $800 dollars for the Stollery from her wheelchair while an inpatient?


Can you tell these amazing kids have blown us out of the water? What is it about kids that allows them to see the possibilities and the potential instead of the impossible and improbable? Perhaps we need to remember when we last felt like this and perhaps we need to get back there a little more often. Maybe if we could harness a small piece of that unstoppable optimism we could accomplish so much more. Just something to think about…

Did we mention that in one day Pyper raised over $800 and Mikalya, well she has been at this for a while now, raised over $3,200 total to help her friend. On Canada Day, her lemonade stand and bake sale brought in over $700! Simply incredible. Our hats are off to both these girls!